[Weekend Lunch Series] Southern Surf & Turf 港島南假日海陸套餐

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Southern Surf & Turf

Calling all meat & seafood fanatic!

To welcome the new season, our Chef is combining the joy of meat and seafood in a 5-course Southern Surf & Turf Edition to showcase you a fabulous dining experience!

To stimulate your appetite, we bring you the freshly-made Tangy Prawn Salad featuring flame seared prawns on a bed of freshly sliced mangoes and house greens topped with a zesty yuzu dressing, followed by Dockside Chowder which delivers a classic yet deliciously velvety. Sink your teeth into the Main Course featuring succulent Rib-Eye grilled to achieve a heart-melting tenderness and enriched with red wine gravy emulsion. Pan-fried to perfection for the crispiness of the fish skin, the delicate meaty Daily Catch is loaded with umami flavour that instantly conquers your taste buds. Don’t forget to add scallops and tiger prawns to make your meal even special. A Sweet Tooth is always perfect to complete your feast.

Drink as much as you like this weekend. Let us fill up your glasses and sip on Veuve Clicquot Champagne, quality wine or beer! Definitely worth to add this dining experience to your weekend itinerary.

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Arca Society坐擁露天開揚的寵物友善空間及設計時尚的室內用餐區,最適合一邊悠閒地享受陽光與新鮮空氣,一邊品嘗大餐及美酒,今個週末到遠離繁囂的黃竹坑探索一趟海陸之旅。


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