Mong¹ Gwo² Arcanoon Tea Set for 2 二人台灣芒果下午茶

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The new season of Arcanoon Tea Set has arrived: “mong¹ gwo²”!

Arcanoon Tea infuses the next seasonal fruit of the year - organic mango from three different regions of Taiwan! From Apr – mid May, we would be using organic mango from Yunlin County; From mid-May to mid-Jun, we would switch to the famous Irwin mango from Yujing; and stay tuned for the last species featuring in the tea set!

Mango and Thai could always match perfectly. Our Chef combines Thai with Hong Kong-style cooking to create the varieties of savories and sweets in the tea set. One of the signatures in savories would be Pan-Seared Foie Gras with Caramelized Mango, Balsamic Reduction & Pineapple Bun. To deliver the original sweetness of the mango to the guests, our Chef prepared the sweets in a simpler way, such as Scones with Clotted Cream & Homemade Mango Jam and Sticky Rice with Mango & Coconut Cream. Book now & experience a chill yet playful afternoon at Arca Society!

Arcanoon Tea第二季主題: mong¹ gwo²”!

今季Arcanoon Tea的下午茶盛宴以有機芒果入饌,利用三種空運自台灣不同地方的當造芒果,設計出各款鹹甜點。四月至五月中會用四季都盛產的雲南縣四季蜜芒果打頭陣; 五月中至六月中會轉用時令的玉井愛文芒果; 請密切期待第三款的芒果品種吧! 每款芒果甜度十足,配有獨特的厚實感,令人回味。


Mango Arcanoon Tea menu 下午茶菜


Available 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. daily



+ HK$ 80 per person for free flow Prosecco 

+ 每人港幣$80 無限暢飲氣泡酒

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