Dog Pool Pawtie Day Pass - 27-28 Aug 狗狗游泳池

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Date 日期: 27-28 Aug 2022;  8月27-28日

Time 時間: from 12:00 n.n. to 5:00 p.m. | Day Pass Access

Location 地點: 3/F Society Terrace

Pool Options 泳區: Small / Large (Free Access) 供兩個不同尺寸的狗狗泳池 (一大,一小)


Access Benefits:

  • Free access to dog pool
  • Free use of dog grooming station with towel
  • Two free standard drinks for hooman
  • Classic Pupper Moment Photo (Instant photo capturing your furry’s fun moment!)


  • 免費使用狗狗游泳池
  • 免費使用狗狗吹毛機及毛巾
  • 主人免費享用兩杯無酒精飲品
  • 即影即有照片一張(為你捕捉狗狗游泳的快樂時刻!)

Terms & Condition of Use

  • We recommend to potty your dogs before swimming and do not feed your dog within 3 hours of the swim.
  • Always clean up after your dog. We reserve the right to charge a $1,000 fee for any cleansing fee in the pool.
  • All dogs should be familiar with the exit ramp location before jumping to ensure exiting the pool correctly.
  • We recommend beginners wear life jackets until completely confident in the water. 
  • All rights reserved. Event dates are subject to change without prior notice. Event will be automatically deferred to an alternative date in the event of inclement weather.


  • 酒店建議狗狗於游泳前先去廁所,並且不要在游泳後 3 小時內進食。
  • 請清理狗狗的排泄物,酒店會保留收取港幣 $1,000 清潔費的權利。
  • 請妥善管束你的狗狗並確保狗狗安全地進入/離開游泳池
  • 酒店建議初學者先穿上救生衣,直到對水中完全有信心。
  • 雅格酒店保留行使最終決定權。天氣惡劣情況,日期如有更改,恕不另行通知。