Chestnut Arcanoon Tea Set for 2 日本栗子下午茶盛宴

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Taste the nutty-ness.

Let us spoil you in the final season of Arcanoon Tea this year. Featuring the star of Fall season - Chestnut from Japan!

Inspired by the love of Chestnut over decades, our Chef curated a balance of sweet and savory treats with the famous Chestnut from Japan. One of the signature savory items would be Pan-Seared Foie Gras with Mashed Chestnut & Figs on Brioche. The tenderness and sweetness of the chestnut is a perfect mix with foie gras and you can taste the spark of Japanese Chestnut. If you are a fan of seafood, have a bite of the Hiroshima Oyster Cutlet with Pistachio & Chestnut Yogurt Dressing. The crispness of Oyster Cutlet together with the refreshing pistachio & chestnut yogurt dressing would satisfy your appetite.

To embrace the magic of fall season, sweet treats would be the key to elevate your experience. One of the Chef’s recommendations would be Banana Bread with Caramelized Chestnut as the flavour of Japanese Chestnut works splendidly with the classic banana bread.  Or enjoy the Chestnut & Walnut Tart which brings you another level of nuttiness.

Enjoy the sophisticated experience by pairing with Choco Chestnut Smoothie. Spend a nutty afternoon with your loved one this fall at Arca Society.

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Available 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. daily




酒店主廚採用日本著名的栗子製作出各式各樣的咸甜點,為你帶來與眾不同的秋日風味! 咸點香煎鵝肝栗子蓉無花果布里歐提供多層次的口味,先把新鮮栗子打成栗子蓉,再與香氣細緻的鵝肝完美結合,帶出多款食材融合的滋味。另一咸點推介是吉列廣島蠔配開心果栗子乳酪醬,即叫即炸的吉列廣島蠔入口鬆脆,配自家調製的開心果栗子乳酪醬口味清新,平衡了脆炸油香並帶出濃濃日式風情。

日本栗子香甜而鬆軟,Arca Society的下午茶盛宴中的甜點更能帶出栗子的迷人。主廚重點推介有栗子香蕉蛋糕配焦糖栗子,琥珀色澤的焦糖栗子配軟綿綿的香蕉蛋糕,味道濃郁而且口感驚艷無比。另一甜點推介是栗子核桃撻,自然甘甜的核桃提升了整體的味道!

最後以可可栗子特飲點綴整個下午茶體驗!! 立即預訂,與三五知己於戶外露台享受一個美妙的下午。




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