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This Easter, Arca Society is excited to unveil the Semi-Buffet Dinner that features a mouth-watering selection of dishes.

The Easter Semi-Buffet Dinner will take place on 8 – 9 April and will be a perfect way to celebrate the Easter holiday with family and friends. The buffet features a variety of cold dishes, soup, hot dishes and sweet treats. Chef’s recommendations include succulent Roasted Pork Jowl & Pineapple Salad, Meatball with Homemade Tomato Sauce and Easter-themed Citrus Madeleines.

Arca Society has always been dedicated to providing the best dining experience to our valued customers. Featuring four main dishes to fill you up, including Grilled Beef RibeyeOven-baked Halibut FilletSlow-cooked Iberian Pork and Mushroom LinguineGrilled Beef Ribeye is a thick-cut and grilled to a perfect medium-rare to retain its natural juice and flavors. To make it a well-rounded and satisfying meal, it is served with roasted vegetables and the specially curated Tonkin Jasmine with Osmanthus Wine Gravy. Oven-baked Halibut Fillet features a fresh and succulent piece of halibut, delicately seasoned and baked with hazelnut crusts to maximize the crispness. Slow-cooked Iberian Pork creates a melt-in-your-mouth experience by slow cooking the finest Iberian pork for several hours and served with homemade Apple Cinnamon Gravy. Mushroom Linguine with on-sen egg is a new twist to a classic dish. It is made with wild mushrooms, asparagus and truffle that deliver a rich and creamy element to the meal.

From 14 – 25 March, Arca Society is offering an exclusive Early-Bird 20% discount for you to enjoy an unforgettable Easter-inspired dining experience this Easter. Reserve your table now and see you there.

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除了自助的精美菜式,主廚更精心準備了四款主菜供客人選擇,令用餐體驗更完滿。主菜的選擇包括烤美國肉眼扒榛子碎焗比目魚柳慢煮伊比利亞豬架溫泉蛋松露野菌露荀扁意粉烤美國肉眼扒的肉質鮮嫩,經過高溫煎烤及低溫燉煮,使其表皮金黃酥脆,為菜式增添豐富的風味及層次,更特意配搭了新鮮露荀新薯及濃郁的桂花陳酒燒汁。榛子碎焗比目魚柳融合了法式及亞洲烹飪技巧的美食,將比目魚搭配榛子、麵包屑等多種食材,再經過主廚精心烹製而成,使其外皮金黃酥脆,內部肉質柔軟多汁,讓客人能夠在品嚐比目魚的同時,體驗到不同的口感及味道。慢煮伊比利亞豬架選用最優質的伊比利亞豬肉,以低溫慢煮的方式將豬肉熟成,再淋上蘋果玉桂燒汁,伊比利亞豬架的獨特口感及滋味令人難以忘懷。素食選擇 - 溫泉蛋松露野菌露荀扁意粉,軟嫩的扁意粉加入野菌及松露的醇香味道,再配香滑的溫泉蛋,確保客人回味無窮。

3 14 日至月 25 預訂即享8折早鳥優惠! 立即預訂,盡情享受雅格酒店為客人預備的復活節美食盛宴。


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